söndag, april 03, 2005

Anybody Here Who Speaks English?

As I know at least one English speaking person who most probably will visit my blog, this is a little entry especially for her. But if somebody else out there also checks in – you are more than welcome, of course!

“Klimakteriehäxan” is a Swedish word that basically does not exist. Not if you try to look it up in an ordinary dictionary, at least.
A straight translation would be “The Menopause Witch”.
See, you got a feeling right away, did you not?

Who is she?
In Sweden only she comes by hundreds of thousands, even if she isn´t aware of it herself. She is a mature woman, 45+ at least, more often 50+. She has lived in different kinds of relationships, she will gladly discuss them with you and share her experiences. She knows what it´s like to earn a living as well as to clean a bathroom. The MPW has also quite a bit to say about children, teenagers, parenting, interior decorating, food, books, films… in short, everything that is important in life.

Occasionally, the MPW does realize that she as well as everybody around her is going to die one day.
She keeps trying to learn how to say not “if we die” but rather “when we die”. At the same time, why avoid the fun and goodies? Keep going as long as you can, girl! And do it with a smile!
So this attempt at blogging is based on the idea that writing about some of the things that the MPW stumbles across might give at least herself some good moments.

But the fact of the matter is, that if anybody calls you a Menopause Witch they really do not mean it as a compliment.
It is simply a way of foulmouthing a woman who should be in higher regard.
Now, let´s take the word back.
Let´s be witches together and assemble all the witchcraft there is!
Because there is a lot of it.

Copyright Klimakteriehäxan

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so glad that English is spoken, however, we don't have to know another language to know about 50+ and boy do I know. Actually just recently I found out that my eyes are way older than the rest of me! Something, eh? And through the amazing magic of technology, soon both eyes will now be like they werre when I was a baby and as the song says I "can see clearly now the rain has gone", or in my case the cataracts are gone. Humbling experience, another notch on the belt of growing old and growing up at the same time. More later.

  2. I can never figure out how to get out of blog-hood. Does it get easier? I hope so!